Flowbonacci is a company created and run by Fabio (see Bio below).
It offers top of the line handcrafted products. The goal is simple : to make the best quality and most efficient Dragon Staff ever.
Flowbonacci will empower your flow.
It will enable you to express yourself and your art in the most enjoyable and harmonious way. Dragon Staff being a very young prop, the growing community needs high quality, perfectly designed and sturdy staves. Spinners also need to come together and share new ideas. This is how the Flowbonacci Project was born : to help the Dragon community to grow in numbers, quality and creativity. The more we share the more we’ll all improve. Together we will push Dragon Staff to its full potential.


The journey began in 2017. Back then I was looking for a high quality non-fire Dragon Staff. Being very demanding, I could not find anything remotely good enough on the market. Trusting my engineer background I decided to create my own prototype.
In addition to being perfectly balanced, the original spiral shaped heads generate a mesmerizing optical effect when spinning. Everywhere I traveled, performing as a flow artist and offering workshops, these heads had such a great success that I decided to start a small production. This original design was inspired by Leonardo Fibonacci’s spiral symbolizing the Harmony of the Univers : the Sacred Golden Spiral.

Flowbonacci was born.


After years of practice and theoretical analysis, I understood how crucial the optimization of the rotational inertia was to the Dragon Staff Flow. This physical phenomenon is what allows us to ride and steer a bike without holding the handlebars. So I came up with a new design, inspired by the Yin- Yang symbol : the Tri-Ying disc shape that will amplify this gyroscopic effect and thus enhance the fantastic « floating » feeling of the Dragon Staff. Furthermore I created state of the art spinal hubs that will make these Dragon Staves ultra light and thus a source of infinite pleasure.

The Flowbonacci commitment :
All Flowbonacci products are manufactured locally in Spain and carefully polished by hand.
The journey continues and I work hard to improve the Flowbonacci products and make these fantastic Dragon Staves even more enjoyable.
When shopping at Flowbonacci’s you don’t just buy a prop, you contribute in pushing Dragon Staff further.

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Check our YouTube channel to learn more. You’ll find tutorials, Flowbonacci gears presentations and plenty cool videos.


It all started at the age of 15 when I discovered Diabolo and became instantly addicted to juggling.
After a degree in engineering in France in 2001 I decided to move to the beautiful South Pacific island of Tahiti where I worked for almost 15 years. I explored and practiced with various props when, in 2013, I got my hands on my first Dragon Staff. I fell in love with this prop right away. I began practicing every day, influenced by the work of Brettstar Galactica, Mickey Khoury and Jeff Flowler. One year later I joined the « Te Tama Ahi », a Tahitian fire dancers company and performed regularly in hotels, festivals and other cultural events all around Polynesia.

In 2016 I moved back to Europe and dedicated my professional life entirely to Dragon Staff. I quickly made a name for myself as a performer as well as an instructor in various juggling conventions, flow festivals and other retreats around the world.

Considered as one of the world’s leading tech researchers in the Dragon Staff field, I share my time between finding original Dragon Staff moves and sequences, and running Flowbonacci, the brand I created in 2018.
Using my spinning and engineering skills I am committed to offer innovative Dragon Staff equipment to the flow community.

Instagram @fabio_dragon_staff

flowbonacci dragon staff by Fabio