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Bounce – Acro Staff

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Introducing the “Bounce" – Acro Staff

Take your acro staff skills to new heights with the revolutionary “Bounce" – a creation born from the skilled hands of Antoine Maindroux at Monkey Craft. Tailored for flow artists eager to push their boundaries, this staff redefines the acro staff experience!

The “Bounce" features a fiberglass tube, providing a unique blend of smoothness and bounce for your tricks. The central section boasts a comfortable goat grip for a secure hold, while the lateral parts are meticulously wrapped with layers of cork and topped with a rubber coating, delivering exceptional grip and support for foot pushes.

Crafted with precision by Antoine, every component of the “Bounce" Acro Staff is built to withstand the test of time and deliver an unparalleled acro staff experience.

Key Specifications:

  • Diameter: 21mm or 13/16" (central part) – 25mm or 1" (lateral parts)
  • Length: 152 cm or 60"
  • Weight: 1180 g

Check the video down below to witness Antoine in action with the “Bounce"