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Full Dragon – Original


Ultimate mesmerizing Dragon Staff



Flowbonacci Original dragon staff heads are perfect for day light performances, festivals stages and any moment you want visually mesmerize an audience.

A recent evolution made them bendable in 3D objects. So they provide a very strong optical illusion from every angle of view. See the vid down below.

They are very durable and don’t fear neither falls nor shocks

Flowbonacci Spinal hubs are based on a refined and light design. They are not suitable with fire spokes

Carbone tube ; outside diameter : 22mm ; inside diameter : 19mm ; length : 1.5m/1.45m/1.4m ; See how to choose your lenght in the vid down below

Goat gripped for a structured and durable grip surface

This pack is including one pair of Original dragon staff heads + one pair of Spinal hubs + one screw set + one Allen key + one Goat gripped carbone fiber pole

Total weight = 1,15 kg

See how it looks in motion

How to turn Flowbonacci Original dragon staff heads in 3D

And a vid to help you choose your dragon staff pole lenght