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Full Dragon Staff – Vortex

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Introducing the VORTEX – the cutting-edge evolution of dragon staff heads!

Designed to provide optimal inertia and deliver a mesmerizing optical illusion, the VORTEX stands out as a trailblazer in dragon staff design.

What sets the VORTEX apart? It’s the first-ever dragon staff design crafted from recycled plastic. While it might not change the world entirely, it’s a vital piece of our planet-friendly puzzle. Creating the VORTEX was no easy feat. The plastic is locally sourced, collected in my town, crushed 20 km away, and cut 17 km from there. My mission is to minimize CO2 emissions associated with production.

These heads carry a tad more weight compared to the Tri-Ying or the Original, all meticulously calculated to mimic the feel of a fire dragon staff. Their disc shape ensures not only safety but also exceptional stability and effortless spinning.

All parts are durable and designed to offer you the smoothest dragon staff experience.
This dragon doesn’t fear neither falls nor shocks.

Three pole sizes are available. Although there are no strict rules, here are some useful tips on how to choose the right size for your pole :



Over 183 cm ( 6′ )

150 cm ( 59" )

Between 170 cm and 183 cm ( 5’7" – 6′ )

145 cm ( 57" )

Less than 170 cm ( 5’7" )

140 ( 55" )

You can find an explicative video on the subject bellow or by visiting the Flowbonacci youtube channel.

The carbone tube outside diameter is 22mm (7/8 inch)
It is covered with the famous Goat grip : a very durable structured rubber surface.

This pack includes one pair of Vortex dragon staff heads + one pair of Spinal Hubs + one screw set + one Allen key + one Goat gripped carbon fiber pole.

Please note : Flowbonacci Spinal hubs are not suitable for fire spokes.

See how it looks in motion… More vids on insta @flowbonacci

And down below a vid to help you choose your dragon staff pole lenght