Full Dragon Staff – Tri-Ying

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This prop has been designed to provide optimal inertia and maximize the gyroscopic effect of the Dragon Staff. The resulting amplified floating momentum creates a unique sensation of easiness and harmony. Once the “Tri-Ying” starts spinning it will keep on spinning, it will almost feel like a dancing partner. So enjoyable, you have to spin it to believe it.

This pack includes one pair of Original dragon staff heads + one pair of Spinal Hubs + one screw set + one Allen key + one Goat gripped carbon.

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Product Information

The disc shape makes it safe, very stable and easy to spin. It will provide you a unique gateway for technical exploration and a whole world of rolling on the ground possibilities. It is also a perfect stage prop. The Tri-Ying heads are now available in recycled plastic colors/patterns: salt & pepper (light grey), Black Univers, Black Marble, and Red Marble. The “Tatsuta” (the dragon’s rice field in Japanese) is a highly limited edition. The “Tatsuta” heads are crafted from recycled plastic enriched with rice husks, resulting in a distinctive clear wood / old paper color. All parts are durable and designed to offer you the lightest dragon staff experience. This dragon doesn’t fear neither falls nor shocks. Three pole sizes are available. Although there are no strict rules, here are some useful tips on how to choose the right size for your pole :
The carbone tube outside diameter is 22mm (7/8 inch) It is covered with the famous Goat grip : a very durable structured rubber surface. This pack includes one pair of Tri-Ying dragon staff heads + one pair of Spinal Hubs + one screw set + one Allen key + one Goat gripped carbon fiber pole. Please note : Flowbonacci Spinal hubs are not suitable for fire spokes.

See how it looks in motion… More vids on insta @flowbonacci.



1,3 kg

Pole variant

One piece, Collapsible (3 pieces travel)

Pole length

140 cm / 55 inches, 145 cm / 57 inches, 150 cm / 59 inches

Head color

Black Marble, Red Marble, Salt & Pepper (White/grey), Tatsuta (old rice paper color), Univers (Black)

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