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The ultimate training/stage dragon staff heads.
Designed and engineered for optimal inertia, momentum and stability.
Adaptable on many hubs.

Comes as a pair with a screw set


You already have a Flowbonacci Original set and you want to complete your Flowbo collection.

Flowbonacci Tri-Ying dragon staff heads have been designed and engineered to provide optimal inertia and maximize the gyroscopic effect that gives a dragon staff its special floating momentum. Their disc shape make them safe, very stable and easy to spin with. They are providing a unique gateway for technical exploration and a whole world of rolling on the ground possibilities. They are vey durable.

Flowbonacci Tri-ying dragon staff heads come as a pair.

They can be mounted only on Flowbonacci Spinal hubs. You already have the required screw set 😉

See how it looks in action there