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The Flowbonacci Project

Flowbonacci is a semi witchcraft company.

All our products are milled and hand-refined in Europe.

We create very durable gears that enable you to power your FLOW.


The journey began in 2017 with the creation of the Original Flowbonacci dragon staff heads.
They were designed with the idea to provide a mesmerizing optical illusion when spun. 
The use of the Fibonacci spiral shape inspired the name of the company.


Then came the concept of “Gyro staff". A prop that is designed as a long axis gyroscope. After years of practise we understood how is important to optimize the rotational inertia. Thus to amplify the gyroscopic effect that gives a gyro staff its special “floating" feeling. .

This is how the Tri-ying design was born.


Spinal hubs were then created to offer a complete ultra light dragon staff. Moreover calculations indicated that removing weight from the center was fueling the gyroscopic effect.


The adventure is still running and other designs are making their way.


Here you don’t only buy a prop, but you are supporting the project of pushing dragon staff
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He began playing with diabolo when he was 15 years old.

He graduated with an engineer degree in 2001.

In 2002, he moved and settled in Tahiti – French Polynesia.

Fabio got his first dragon staff in 2013. Influenced by Brettstar GALACTICA, Mickey KHOURY and Jed FLOWLER, he became highly addicted with this prop in 2015.

In 2014, he became part of « Te Tama Ahi » (Tahitian fire dancers company) with whom he performed regularly in hotels, festivals and cultural events in Polynesia.

In 2016 he left the pacific islands and moved back in Europe. Since he has been featured as a dragon staff instructor at juggling conventions, flow festivals and retreats all around the world where his workshops were very appreciated.

Fabio is one the world dragon staff tech researchers and he is working on finding original dragon staff moves and sequences.

In 2017, he created the brand « Flowbonacci ». Using his spinning and engineer skills in order to offer the flow community innovative dragon staff equipment.

Follow him on Instagram @fabio_dragon_staff